Sunday, 14 February 2016

Cartoon HD (apk) Android tv box/device app

Cartoon HD (apk) Android tv box/device app


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Hi guys here we have a excellent little app for all android devices, be it either touchscreen or remote controlled devices.

I have been testing this app (apk) for a few weeks putting it through my tests, and i have had no major issues at all with it.

as you can see in the pic below on first startup you will be presented with a choose account, this chose account is your play store login.

Chose the account so the circle is highlighted and select ok, like the below pic.

Now after this you will  see the cartoon hd logo and bottom of this screen you will see the version at the time of this post it is version 2.0.7, Now once loaded on the main screen the below pic is what you should be in.

Now as you can see guys the layout is very simple to navigate with,

Now as you can see in the above pic selecting the Movies, brings out the category menu, Movies, Tv Shows, Updates, Collections, Favorites, Downloads, Settings.

In the above pic we are seeing the Settings options, Kids Mode is handy but as you the user will more than likely be using the app (apk) with your kids and likely know what is safe for your kids, this option is usable but not 100% as i did enable it and it still showed the odd content i wouldn't recommend for kids viewing, But it is an option none the less.

Now in the above pic you can see the Tv Shows section and what a great selection there is for all the family from cartoons for the kids to thrillers/mystery for the adults,

Now in the above pic we have selected the Collections from the side menu options and as before a great selection including 3D Movies, Marvels, Top 250 IMDB and so on.

After selecting what you are looking to watch here you will get 2 tab options 1 is the Movie/Tv Show information, 2 is the Videos tab where you select the link then quality as in the below pic.

Once you select your video quality all that is required now is to select the play option bottom right of the options and your link will start playing.

To download the Cartoon HD for various devices.

To download from archive Click Here

To download from Dropbox Click Here

To download for Amazon, Android Devices, Click Here

To Download from Archive for Amazon, Android tv boxes, Click Here

scroll down when page has loaded and select the download cartoon hd apk as in the pic below

The below pic is what you might see depending what browser you are using to download, hit the download and once downloaded you should be asked if you would like to install select install then once done select open once given the option.

My Results on this app (apk)
EXCELLENT Quality Links
EXCELLENT, simple and easy to navigate in.
Updates Daily
All around Family Entertainment

AIRMOTE, AIR MOUSE controller RECOMMENDED for box users.

I Have Test On Amiko A3, T8, Sony Xperia Z, And Works Excellent on all 3.

The information here is For Educational Purposes ONLY, I take no responsibility and have no involvement  with this APK or its dev team, you the USER ALONE are solely responsible for the use of this APK ( Android APP ),