Saturday, 13 February 2016

MobDro ( APK ) Android tv box/device App

MobDro ( APK ) Android tv box/device App


At first run you will be presented with this screen click the Accept.

Next you will be presented with the apk updates and fixes showing what version it is on.

Once loaded up click on Channels and this will provide you with live tv channels current in mobdro.

Now in the pic above if you swipe to the left you will see live NEWS channels.

Now Swipe to the left again and you will be on SHOWS in this section you have 24/7 streams available to watch anytime, scroll up and down to see more shows in the list.

Now swipe left again and you should be in the 24/7 movie streams section.

Swipe left again and you will see Sports, these are live sport streams, the same as live tv.

Swipe left again and you should be at the live music streams. i assume you are getting the idea on how this apk works swipe left and right to change categories.

My results on this apk are it has been very reliable and has worked flawlessly the past few weeks although the odd stream don't work at specific times in the 24/7 shows section, also in the live tv section ( CHANNELS ) the odd stream has gone down on me but has returned within an hour.

Might Contain Ads
streams reliable over the past few weeks.
24/7 streams most work some don't

To download this apk please click HERE TO DOWLOAD

I have tested on Sony Xperia z, T8, also on Amiko A3 and this apk works great.

I Recommend using a airmouse with apk's as some devices don't work with basic remotes.

This information is for educational purposes only, I am not responsible or involved with this app ( apk ) or it's dev team in any way. You as the user are responsible for checking if you can use this apk in your country.