Wednesday, 11 May 2016

REVIEW - VENTON Unibox Eco+ Hd Dual Tuner ( enigma2 linux )

REVIEW - VENTON Unibox Eco+ Hd Dual Tuner ( enigma2 linux )

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Hi guys this is my review on the venton unibox ECO++ HD dual tuner box, my experience with the device has been excellent, been a while since i have looked at E2 and i must say things have come on in leaps and bounds the device is quick, resposive, does what it should and more stability has been great, all details of the box are below.


Open Source Linux system Enigma 2

The Venton Unibox HD series is powered by open source Linux software. So you can benefit from many extensions as plug-ins. Participants in the OE Alliance Development Group.

Broadcom MIPS architecture

The built-MIPS processor operates at a clock frequency of 400 MHz.

SD to HD upscaling

By SD upscaling the image is enhanced and achieved almost HD level.

Resolutions: 1080i, 720p, 576p and 576i


With the PVR function broadcasts can be recorded, viewed and transmitted.

Optional license fee.

Timeshift - Timeshifting

With the Timeshift function, you can pause the current program and resume later.

Optional license fee.

Plug & Play tuner

The plug-in tuner can be replaced easily by the plug-and-play capability. You can choose one satellite,

Cable and Terrestrial tuner. SCR / SCD and DiSEqC-compatible (version 1.0-1.3).


With a WLAN USB stick, the receiver can be connected to the network without wires. 1)

PIP function

With the Picture in Picture function simultaneously SD / HD and HD / SD transmitter can be betrachet.


Through the use of plugins you can view online streaming broadcasts. Optional IP addresses can be entered manually.

Enigma 2 - Plug-ins

With E2 - Plug-ins extensions can be downloaded from the extended functionality.

USB tuner

Extend Unibox possibilities with third or fourth tuner through USB


With a 3G modem via USB, an external data connection to the Internet via a wireless service provider.

Keyboard and mouse

By connecting a keyboard and mouse via USB or Bluetooth, for example, this be used for the browser.

Multimedia Player

The multimedia player can play through the built-in codecs a variety of files.

Network share / Web Interface

Content from the PC to the receiver or content from the receiver to the PC can be played. It included a web interface. DLNA is supported.

Venton Unibox HDeco+  Technical specification


TwinTuner DVB-S2

Common Interface

1x with CI+ support

Card reader

1x uni




1GB flash memory



8-digit VF-Display


2x USB on rear side


1x Scart

3x RCA


1x RS-232

1x S/PDIF digital audio output

1x RJ45


1x 2,5`` SATA slot for internal HDD installation

(HDD not included)

Recording format


Power supply

12V /4A adaptor included

Power consumption

max 20W, Standby max 1W


260x45x210 mm


1 kg