Thursday, 17 July 2014

REVIEW Challenge 12” Desk Fan Model TX-1201D

                                                                 Challenge 12” Desk Fan
                                                                      Model TX-1201D

Well the british weather is about to change and myself and hot weather don’t mix i hate being to hot with no breeze. So i have decided to get a little desktop fan, 
Supplied from Argos uk stores. £12.96
I have taken a ride to the store ( closest with stock ) i did do some searching to find other local store’s ( none argos stores ) that have fans to compare  no other stores i found had any fans. Now back to the product on review.
I am now home with the product before opening the box i notice tilting the box the items inside moved around very easy and loudly. I open the box to find i have to assemble most of the fan before it can be used With nothing to protect the items from transporting damage. Even a little paper scrunched up in the gaps would be excellent to stop the parts moving and hitting each other. Both half of the guard are together in wrapping ( plastic bagging ) also the motor and housing unit, Blade in its own plastic bagging.
After a little over 5 minutes of assembly i have it looking like it is on the box. The fan blade is easy to work out how to fit and the screw over cap screws on in reverse due to the motor  rotating clockwise. The secure screw cap screws on anticlockwise Just a heads up. 
The fan is Small, easy to mount anywhere with a flat surface and a socket nearby. the fan is an Oscillating  with a lift and push switch on the rear of the motor housing ( the fan rotates left and right or can be stationary with the switch ) The fan can be tilted upwards and downwards.
I now have the fan in the corner of my living room oscillating left and right and it is keeping the room very cool on number 2 speed setting the fan has 3 speed settings 3 being the fastest and 1 being the slowest speed 1 is ideal for desktop and chair. Speed 2 is ideal for a little distance 6-12 feet away. speed 3 is Very fast and could easily be use in a large room ( noise permitted ) on speed 3 the noise from the blades through the wire guard is loud but tolerable in a large room.
All in All i think it is quite a nice looking desktop fan does an exIcellent job of keeping a average size room cool with a little breeze now and again ( with the oscillation turned on ) I recommend not having lose papers and/or letters hanging around while the fan is on.
Product features:
3 Speed Settings
Upwards and Downwards Tilt
Downfall to this product:
Not well packaged 
Needs assembly
Small parts ( screw for the fan guard is very tiny ) elderly will struggle.
Very basic fan for the money and to be honest and excellent little product for value apart from the assembly bit it’s not to loud on setting 2 which i think i will keep it at this setting.