Saturday, 13 February 2016

Movie HD UPDATED 1st JUNE ( APK ) For Android Systems ONLY


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Movie HD (APK ) For Android Tv Systems ONLY

UNTESTED ON Firetv stick and FireTv Box

So i have taken a look at this apk and what it offers and find it to be a EXCELLENT add to any android system,

What this apk offers are Movies ( from 360 to HD 1080 ) and has been serving well for the test period except for a few days where there was nothing but no connection in the app when loaded but was more than likely due to either a site code change or a isp controlling issue i did some research to see if there was an issue with the apk,and many other users had experienced the same issue from a few month back, either way this apk was fixed with a update and is currently working at the time of this post.

As you can see in the pic below that is how the app loads up at start ( main screen ) and i must say this look is very nice, Simple, Clean and very easy to navigate.

As you can see in the pic below this is the menu options available in this app and as before is very clean simple to navigate from movies to tv shows with a simple few taps either on a touchscreen device or a few clicks with a cursor.

 Here in the pic below we have the search function. As you can see a very nice, very clean and again simple function ( notice when searching it will only search the category you are in ) IE, if you are in movies then when you select to search it will only search movies, when you are in Tv Shows then when you search it will only search tv shows.

 Here in the pic below is the Video Quality when you load up what you are looking for IE, the above pic we did a search for fast five, In the below pic you can see 2 tabs, 1 is Information and 2 is Videos, In the information you will see all the information for your Movie/Tv Show and in the videos is where your quality and links are.

Now when you click a Quality link as above we tapped on Fast Five ( 2011 ) [1080p] Now in the below pic you can see what quality options we are offered to play the movie/tv show in,

Now after selecting what quality we want to play the movie/tv show in you might need to select the play option bottom right of our options this will trigger the fetch function and either give you a option to select what player you would like to use to play the fetched file or it might auto select a player from either within the app or from within your device and start either the movie or tv show episode you selected.

My overall result on this App ( APK )

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Content Updates Daily

I Have Test On Amiko A3, T8, Sony Xperia Z, And Works Excellent on all 3.

UNTESTED ON Fire Tv stick and Fire Tv Box

Latest UPDATED Version: June 1st 2016

Version 4.1.0-41.apk

To Download this apk for you device use this link Click Here To Download Movie HD NOW BACK ONLINE AND WORKING.

The information here is For Educational Purposes ONLY, I take no responsibility and have no involvement  with this APK or its dev team, you the USER ALONE are solely responsible for the use of this APK ( Android APP )