Friday, 4 March 2016

Terrarium Tv - TV Shows ( FOR ANDROID DEVICES ) ( Multiple Sites for Tv Shows from 360p - 1080 HD )

Hi You can either follow the video or follow the instructions below to complete this tutorial.

Above is the tutorial video, Below is an update about the app updates that's all.

There has been a few updates to this app.

New sources added.

New play options menu.

New layout 2 columns.

New option in the play options now available is other player options ( mx player and any other players installed ) instead of the device native media player.

Terrarium Tv - TV Shows ( FOR ANDROID DEVICES ) ( Multiple Sites for Tv Shows from 360p - 1080 HD )

To Download and Install and USE Tv Portal APK CLICK HERE

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To Download and Install and USE UKTV Now APK CLICK HERE

Hi guys well here we are with another EXCELLENT little ( app ) for all android devices ( apk ) THX TO PAT FOR THE REMINDER, as i state at the start EXCELLENT it really is. This app is for Tv Shows ONLY maybe in the future they may add Movies but for now we are focusing on just what it has to offer now.

As you can see in the above pic Excellent layout, Quality artwork, and in the below pics i will show you other screenshots to show you what other options this app offers for free to the users.

In the below pic we are going to go into the app settings, and disable a few options in there,

As we can see in the first screenshot above there are 3 dots virtically tap, select, touch those and uyou will see in the above picture of the options we are going to select Settings.

Now in the above picture are our options, this is personal preference but i disabled Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English under Subtitle Language, Why personal preference we will get into a little later.

As above pic shows remove the ticks to disable.

Here we have a result from a quick search using the magnifying glass on the main screen.

As we can see on the main screen there was a few shows at the top so i selected the 100 for the purpose of this tutorial.

After selecting the show then selecting a season in the above picture we can see the Episodes with screenshots of each episode.

Now after selecting an episode the app will automatically search All sources for links to that episode and it does a great job at doing so. As you can see there are 1080p HD, 720p HD, also 360p for mobile devices.

Now this is where, if you remember at the beginning we turned off subtitles and this was optional ( personal preference ) and i said we would look why later so here we go. as you can see in the above picture we have the links Now if you select and hold the link a options menu will pop up and give you the option to play, play without subtitle, Download ( YES EPISODES CAN BE DOWNLOADED, download folder set by default in the app, can also be changed manually ) This option is great for downloading the episode over wifi for later viewing say you go out and don't have the bandwidth to stream or download over your network.

You can just select the link or selecting play in the options and it will give you option for subtitles even if you disabled them in the options, it just wont show any subtitles in the list as you disabled them all you have to do is select Skip Choosing Subtitles at the bottom of the next screen.

Selecting Play Without Subtitle will play the link straight away.

Selecting the Download will download the episode alone.

Selecting the Download With Subtitle will download the episode and subtitle to that episode if subtitles are still enabled in the option ( PLEASE NOTE THE SUBTITLES ARE MAINLY CHINESE ) for this app.

I have added a screenshot of the properties to the stream to show that it does stream/download actually what the link says it is.

Well now after all this testing, looking and putting this app through my tests, WORKS AMAZINGLY WELL. this app gets a big thumbs up from me guys really good ( it has ads but is great )

The Good.
Simple to use,
Great quality pics,
1080 links,
720 links,
360 links,

The Bad.
Has Ads yes they can be annoying but the quality links are worth the time pressing back button when you get one,

MX Player IS REQUIRED to use this app, MX Player is FREE to download from play store.

To Download This APK CLICK HERE

Overall EXCELLENT app, big possibilities for the future if you have any issues please comment below and i will get back to you asap.