Saturday, 16 April 2016

MegaBox HD ( Android APK )

MegaBox HD ( Android APK )


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Here we have MegaBox HD apk for the android system there are some great apk's ( android apps ) coming out lately for movies and tv shows free.

This app has the simular look and feel to it as the showbox app.

Below is a screenshot of the apps main screen after launching it.

As you can see in the above pic guys nice layout for the android tv box, it does have the search function as do many other apks ( android apps ) in the below pic we selected the genre next to the search function.

as you can see guys great selection, in the below pic we take a look at the side menu options which has the movies, tv shows, sections which have update, ratings, popular and new options in each, also we have the Favorites, Download and History.

As you can see in the below pic we select the tv shows section from the menu options.

As in the below pic again guys we selected a show to see what the info is about the show and if you look at the top at the side of the INFORMATIONS Tab there is also a VIDEOS tab to get the links for each episode.

Now in the pic below guys we have the links ( sources ) for each episode just click and select the quality you wish to watch and select custom


as in the below pic.

as the above pic select quality and then custom.

Now in the below link you will see the stream actually playing in the mx player.

Over all great little apk for the android system once again the people creating these apks and teams are doing a great job KEEP IT UP GUYS.

To Download This From the Play store CLICK HERE

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