Saturday, 16 April 2016

Newest Movies HD ( Android APK )

Newest Movies HD ( Android APK )

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Excellent little extra app to have on the android system it is also available i believe for the ios system, below you will find screenshots from the app showing you what it has available.

the above screenshot is the main screen after the app has loaded showing you featured tv programs at the top, newly updated section just below it and below that the latest movies added, you can scroll down and see the latest tv shows updated. which are also in the new updated just under the featured selection.

The above screenshot shows the categories available and also the settings and options available in the app.

If you select the settings in the menu options as in the above pic in the bottom left the available settings are in the pic below.

The above pic shows the option in the settings clear cache, clear watchlist, clear history.

If you select a tvshow or movie example in the above pic the 100 as you will notice, to find the episodes and links you have to select the top right where it says episodes to see each episode link what is available for that show, the exact example is the same for the movies.

The above pic shows the links to all the episodes and selecting one of the links like the below pic you will be given the options popup.

The above pic shows the quality options popup if you are ever show the option to select custom please use it as the best available player i have found on the android device is the MX Player, so select custom then select mx player as shown in the pic below.

Once you select the mx player the app will forward the link ( ie video file link ) to the mx player and start playing the file available as shown in the pic below.

As you can see in the pic above the link is playing in the mx player and this app also does the best job at playing live streams and VOD links.

Overall this apk app is a great little app for both movies and tv shows :)

To download the apk CLICK HERE

Some apk's get outdated fast and require updates this has the update feature built in so if there is a update out it will notify you when it is available.

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