Friday, 29 July 2016

[ How-To ] - Fix Sync Issues in kodi

Hi guys i have added a video above for you guys to either watch and learn how to do it, Or you can look and read the below post with screenshots on how to re-sync your audio while watching a video, what this will allow you to do ( within a limit ) is re-sync your audio while watching your video.
What i have found is many people from time to time ask how to fix audio sync on video's they are watching well this is the simplest way available to the user from within kodi to re-sync the audio while watching the video.
Below is an example from screenshots on how to re-sync the audio WHILE still watching the video.

So let's get started on what to to.

Start your video playing, while it's playing bring up the player menu functions ( play, stop, forward, reverse, pause, also settings, ) as pictured below.

As you can see in the picture above select the speaker ( in the red box ) now on your setup this might look a little different depending on the skin you have, but has the same idea on your skin just find the speaker.

Now as pictured below in the next windows options that will show after selecting your speaker, select the Audio offset.
Now after selecting the above option you will be given the below option.
Now depending on what you are wanting to do, whether your audio is in front a little or behind a little depends on which way you move the bar as pictured above.

If your audio is in front then you would need to delay the audio as pictured above, how far out depends how much you move the bar to delay it, for example the above is delayed by 500ms this is HALF a second delay, for a 1 second delay you would need to move the bar to 1000ms and so on, the audio can be delayed in 25ms intervals either way and goes to 10 second either way if your audio is out in either direction then sorry you will not be able to adjust it to get it back in sync ( i have never come across anything that far out in either direction ).

Once adjusted all you have to do is select your return button, back button, escape on a keyboard, until back at the video without the player options and enjoy the rest of your video.

DO NOT SET AS DEFAULT FOR ALL MEDIA as this will keep the setting and will put all your videos out of sync when you start them. only adjust on the video you need it then return back to your video and continue watching :).

I hope this guide and/or the video helped you get sorted and you finished watching no further issues.

please share, comment with your experience on using this method.