Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Movies life ( android apk )

Movies life is a 1-click movie application for android, there are from oldies to the newest in cinema releases, i have only had a little look within the app but do not see any tv shows available.
Its very easy to watch movies and shows on this application. It is free and safe  to install, and you need only have a good Wifi or Mobile data connection to enjoy your movies at the desired time. This app supports all Android devices like Android mobiles, Android tablets, Fire TV, and Firestick. If you’re looking for an amazing free and best movie app, and especially to watch free movies on Android devices,will not be able to find one better than Movie Life app.

Download Zip
Download Apk

CyberFlix Tv ( Android apk )


Here is a release of cyberflix tv

I have installed and take a look at this apk and to me it looks very similar to terrarium tv, the same layout, the same features, the same look.

If you liked terrarium tv apk then this is the apk for you, we will see if this apk gets updates as and when needed like the original terrarium tv use to. to download hit the link below install as always with precaution the amount of apks being released and just modded to make it look like they have a new app for android is cause for caution due to the amount of permissions some apks require.


Features of Cyberflix TV APK

  • Updates are very frequent. The developers work very hard to get you the movies you want.
  • You can watch movies and tv shows in any resolution you want depending upon your internet connection.
  • You can also play videos with third-party video players like MX player.
  • This app doesn’t contain many ads so it wouldn’t be that much of a pain.
  • Subtitle support is there which is very useful, especially if you use MX Player in which you can settle the out of sync problem for subtitles.

Download CyberFlix V3.0.10 ZIP
Download CyberFlix V3.0.10

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Cobalt Build

Cobalt builds excellent for fast simple setups, there are builds for 17.6 krypton, 18 leia these builds are setup and excellent for the new user and the advanced user full setup in just a few clicks.

Below are a few screenshots of the layout but there are many more builds in this setup.

Now to install Cobalt build in kodi:
  • Open Kodi
  • Select Settings (gear icon top left)
  • Select File Manager
  • Select Add Source
  • Select None
  • Type the following EXACTLY http://onenation.info/ and select OK
  • Highlight the box underneath that is marked Enter a name for this media Source
  • Type .Cobalt (it should already default to that) then click OK
  • Go back to your home screen & select Add-ons from the left hand menu
  • Select Browser (dropbox icon top left)
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Select .Cobalt
  • Select Portal
  • Select plugin.program.onenationportal-x.x.x.zip
  • Wait for Add-on installed notification
  • The wizard will then offer a list of settings which most wizards now offer. Look through and see if you want to check any and then select continue or OK
  • You will now see a popup saying there is no build installed. Select Build Menu
  • Scroll down to the Builds section and select your build you want to install ( select a version for your kodi version ) IE if you have kodi 17.6 install then you need to select a build for kodi 17.6
  • In next screen select Fresh Install
  • When a popup appears select Continue
  • The build will now install
  • When completed you will see a popup saying Reload or Force Close. Select Force Close
  • Now restart Kodi and the build will be installed PLEASE LEAVE IT ALONE A FEW MINUTES so all features and add-ons can update.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Enigma2 - Boot Loop After Skin Change


Hi guys, Over the last few days i have had a few requests on how to fix Enigma2 devices being stuck on a ( boot loop ) IE, GUI start failing so look like it's in a boot loop, this is either due to the new skin selection not being able to find a file it is looking for, IE Font, a specific layout file or something else it requires to start, Due to the OS not being able to find a file it requires it causes the device to restart the GUI boot over and over looking like, as i have said before a boot loop.


All that is required to do is:
  • FTP to your device from a pc/laptop using a ftp program of your choice.
  • Once connected to your device with the FTP program Navigate to folders USR > SHARE > Enigma2
  • Now you are in the Enigma2 folder you will see multiple folders with specific names ( the folder names are important )
  • Now remember the name of the skin you selected before restarting your enigma2 device.
  • Now in your FTP program in the the Enigma2 folder, LOOK for a FOLDER named the skin you selected or named similar to the skin you selected ( the folder might have a few letters missing but will be there )
  • Now you have found the FOLDER named or similar to the skin name, SELECT IT > Right click it and from the options select DELETE > select yes to confirm and you are DONE.
  • Now WATCH your enigma2 device RESTART with the default skin
Now your enigma2 device is back up and running again without having to re-flash the firmware/OS or spending hours on how to repair it and in the process maybe making things worse and then after all that re-flashing the device causing you to start all over again and setup your enigma2 device.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Cinema HD ( Android apk )

The original version HAS ads, the Pro version does NOT both links at the bottom of this post

Movie App is an Android APK file that has a lot of Movies to watch. Movie App is a safe application as it doesn’t show any illegal pirated content. It only acquires online Movie links from various HD sources and provides a clean interface. So, let’s download Free Movies App to multiple devices.

This apk is also known as HDMovies but all in, it's free and does a good job at scraping content for sources.
As of this guide the version is V1.3.2a
  • New! Added NetFlix List
  • New! Added Amazon List
  • New! Added Hulu List
  • New! Added Youtube Red List
  • Faster Speed for getting sources
  • Fix Providers
  • Added more Optimizations
Also guys this apk has the Trakt and Real Debrid login option to increase source results, Below are screenshots of the apk running on android and with categories lists.


Both download links are below:
Android Download tested with ads
Android PRO Download ( UNTESTED )

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

MediaBox HD ( Android/iOS )

Here is a great little app this app DOES have ads but not as you have been use to, this app has ads very small and minimal compared to other apps, there are little ads within the UI, I have tested a little but not fully and yet have not had any like others where they play ads after playback or before playback of media.


MediaBox HD version available
ios 1.2 android 2.1.2
* Translate movie summary
* Just pick a movie for me!
* Support external player (android)
* Update Real-Debird
* Update Trakt
* Bug fixes and improvements

below are screen shots of the app in use and the bottom of this guide will be the download links.

As you can see above there is ads within the UI ( user interface ) but they are not intrusive as other apps, this has a great selections of movies and tv shows with all the latest in the list, below are links to download the android version and the iOS

Android apk
iOS download
If the above does not download for iOS devices please visit the original site HERE. once there click download and select download for you're device iOS.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

JetBox APP ( Android APK )

JetBox APP - Is a android apk with especially nice and elegant UI ( user Interface ) and i really mean this guys this is very detailed in not only design but in detailed info about movies-tv shows using imdb ratings, age ratings, run time and categories it is in.

Below are screenshots of the apk running on android device, this apk UI is very nice, not only does it find links but this apk you can login to your trakt and real debrid account to make it even better on results.
TV Shows
Trakt Login
Real Debrid Login

As you can see just from the pictures above very nice 2 live list scroll up to go down and down to go up, also below are pictures from the tv shows and info on movies.

As you can see again guys very detailed with info on each movie.

Above is the app menu options, after selecting settings bottom of the list you can also see Trakt and Real Debrid logins, this will help with gaining more HD content.

Below is a screenshot of tv shows.

Below is a picture to show find sources, select one and you will be asked to play, use other player and so on and select either play or other player, wait and ENJOY !!.

Well after that little explanation on how the app looks, responds and features i can say i really like this app and if it keeps up with the extras it will be my #1 app another feature if forgot to screenshot is the fav's ( the star feature ) for all our fav shows and movies well it's basically the same as it was in turratium tv, below are original download links and i also know many of you guys really find the ads intrusive but it's how the devs pay for the work they do so if you could kindly use the original this would help the devs, i have also added a pro version ( I.E no intrusive ads ) version in the download links.

JetBox APP Downloader
The above link is aptoide to download the original apk, the PRO is ad free download.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Download CoToMovies ( formally bobby movies )

here we have a great little apk that brings you movies, tv shows in high quality 720 and 1080 in a android app, this apk has been around a while and was formally known as bobby movies apk.
below are pics of the app and below the pics is a android apk download link.

Above are pics from features to compatibility and below is the android apk download link
CoToMovies Android download
CoToMovies  iOS No JB ( If this don't work for you on iOS please try HERE )

How To Install UKMovNow ( move/tv show apk )

UKMovNow android apk

is a android app that brings movies and tv shows from a ON DEMAND setup this apk does NOT scrape sites for links and content, yes there is a huge amount of content but nothing like you would find from other apk.
Below are a few pics to show what it looks like.

To download this apk use the links below.
UKMovNow V1.5 android phones /Tablets

UKMovNow V1.3 Firestick/android boxes

NoxPlayer ( Android Emulator ) For Windows

Nox Player - Android Emulator For Windows


Nox player is a sleek android emulator for windows allowing the user to play android games, run android apps, install apk's for almost anything you can do on android, IF YOU DON'T HAVE A ANDROID BOX but wish to enjoy the benefits that android users get to games, apps, then nox player can help i have tested it and it's very easy to use.
Screenshots below are installing and nox player running on top of windows.

Click Install

Wait for nox player to install

It's that easy just click start to run Nox Player
Within a few seconds nox player will be started and running either click on Skip tutorial or if this is your first time using it please take the tutorial and get use to the system and how it works.

As you can see this version of android is 4.4.2 but as you will see the app is updated regularly and does get stability and OS updates.

To install APK's on nox player download on to your computer as you would normally, once downloaded click on the file you downloaded and drag then drop on the nox player android screen and the apk will be installed automatically for you and you will see the app icon on the screen just like you would if you had installed it on your phone or android box !!! ENJOY !!!

Nox Player Download For Windows