Thursday, 8 November 2018

Cinema HD ( Android apk )

The original version HAS ads, the Pro version does NOT both links at the bottom of this post

Movie App is an Android APK file that has a lot of Movies to watch. Movie App is a safe application as it doesn’t show any illegal pirated content. It only acquires online Movie links from various HD sources and provides a clean interface. So, let’s download Free Movies App to multiple devices.

This apk is also known as HDMovies but all in, it's free and does a good job at scraping content for sources.
As of this guide the version is V1.3.2a
  • New! Added NetFlix List
  • New! Added Amazon List
  • New! Added Hulu List
  • New! Added Youtube Red List
  • Faster Speed for getting sources
  • Fix Providers
  • Added more Optimizations
Also guys this apk has the Trakt and Real Debrid login option to increase source results, Below are screenshots of the apk running on android and with categories lists.


Both download links are below:
Android Download tested with ads
Android PRO Download ( UNTESTED )


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