Tuesday, 6 November 2018

JetBox APP ( Android APK )

JetBox APP - Is a android apk with especially nice and elegant UI ( user Interface ) and i really mean this guys this is very detailed in not only design but in detailed info about movies-tv shows using imdb ratings, age ratings, run time and categories it is in.

Below are screenshots of the apk running on android device, this apk UI is very nice, not only does it find links but this apk you can login to your trakt and real debrid account to make it even better on results.
TV Shows
Trakt Login
Real Debrid Login

As you can see just from the pictures above very nice 2 live list scroll up to go down and down to go up, also below are pictures from the tv shows and info on movies.

As you can see again guys very detailed with info on each movie.

Above is the app menu options, after selecting settings bottom of the list you can also see Trakt and Real Debrid logins, this will help with gaining more HD content.

Below is a screenshot of tv shows.

Below is a picture to show find sources, select one and you will be asked to play, use other player and so on and select either play or other player, wait and ENJOY !!.

Well after that little explanation on how the app looks, responds and features i can say i really like this app and if it keeps up with the extras it will be my #1 app another feature if forgot to screenshot is the fav's ( the star feature ) for all our fav shows and movies well it's basically the same as it was in turratium tv, below are original download links and i also know many of you guys really find the ads intrusive but it's how the devs pay for the work they do so if you could kindly use the original this would help the devs, i have also added a pro version ( I.E no intrusive ads ) version in the download links.

JetBox APP Downloader
The above link is aptoide to download the original apk, the PRO is ad free download.


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