Saturday, 1 December 2018

BEE TV ( android apk )


Watch movies & tv shows for free on Android device, Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, etc. Beetv application also has a new and upcoming feature called modules these modules will allow the user to add extra features the the application, these modules can also be know as addons like in kodi let's hope this feature actually gets released for use and hope the features areas they are explained on their site also a link below to go to their site and check for any update on the modules function being added also i will be keeping an eye out for this feature also and updating here.

Downloads (Version 2.03)

Android: BeeTV-APK.apk
FireDL code: 460752
Filelinked code: 30837432


  1. I really appreciate this app because BeeTV is a Movie and TV Show streaming app with tons of content for your viewing pleasure. Thank you !

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